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4Common problem

What should be paid attention to when choosing a water meter?

1. Select water meter specifications

Because the stability and durability of the water meter's working performance under the common flow rate are the best, it is more in line with the design requirements. If the water pipe has a margin in consideration of the future water passing capacity, the caliber specification can be lower by one gear when selecting the water meter. If the flow of the pipe with a diameter of 200mm is insufficient, a water meter with a diameter of 150mm can be selected. When the normal flow of the pipe with a flow of 200mm is increased in the future, the water meter with the same diameter should be replaced. Large water-consuming industrial users can choose a large-diameter water meter when choosing a water meter, or use several relatively small-diameter water meters in parallel, so that they can repair individual faulty water meters without affecting the user's normal water supply. Or change the watch.

2. Select the type of water meter indication

Generally, the word wheel type is used to make the reading clear and easy to read. However, some people think that it is better to install a pointer type when the meter cannot be read at close range, because this type can judge the reading according to the geometric angle pointed by the pointer, without having to see the value on the scale cylinder division. In recent years, liquid-sealed counters have become popular because they overcome the shortcomings of ordinary counters that are hindered by the dirt and dirt in the water. The readings of the remote water meters and prepaid water meters are displayed by the electronic device or collected and transmitted by the collector, but the readings of the base meter are still to be retained for comparison when there is a problem with the electronic device being read .

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