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How to install polypropylene pipe fittings?

1. Before bonding the pipes and fittings, wipe the socket side and the outside of the socket with a dry cloth. When the surface is stained with oil, it must be wiped clean with acetone.

2. The cross-section of the pipe should be flat, perpendicular to the pipe axis and chamfered; before the bonding, the insertion line should be drawn and trial insertion should be done. The trial insertion depth can only be inserted to 1/3 to 1/2 of the original depth. It is strictly prohibited to use bonding method when the gap is too large.

3. When applying the adhesive, apply the inside of the socket first, and then the outside of the socket. When applying the socket, apply an appropriate amount from the inside to the outside along the axial direction, and do not miss or apply too much (200g/m2).

4. After the adhesive is applied, it is advisable to keep the applied external force unchanged within 1 minute and keep the straightness and position of the interface correct.

5. After the bonding is completed, wipe out the excess adhesive in time and do not force or force it during the curing time.

6. The adhesive joints shall not be constructed in rain or water, and shall not be operated below 5℃.

7. Connection procedure: preparation→cleaning working face→trial insertion→brushing adhesive→adhesion→maintenance.

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