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Large diameter photoelectric direct water meter

1. Usage: It is used to measure the total amount of drinking water flowing through the tap water pipeline and transmitted to the secondary instrument through the M-BUS bus or 485 bus.

2. Features: Built-in CPU, storage chip and communication module (485. M-BUS). Only need to supply power when collecting water meter data. The photometer code of the water meter is read by the photoelectric cell, and the number is judged to be generated by the CPU and output by the M_BUS bus or the 485 bus.

3. Conditions of use: cold water meter water temperature ≤30℃; hot water meter water temperature ≤90℃; water pressure ≤1Mpa; water meter can not be immersed in water

4. signal type: photoelectric coding passive technology

5. The maximum allowable error: ①. The maximum allowable error in the low zone from the minimum flow rate (Q1) to the boundary flow (Q2) is ±5%. ②. The flow rate (Q2) is included The maximum allowable error in the high zone including the overload flow (Q4) is (cold water meter) ± 2%. (hot water meter) ± 2.5%.

6. Installation requirements: The water meter must be installed horizontally so that the direction of the arrow on the digital side of the water meter is the same as the direction of the water flow. The pipeline must be flushed before the water meter is installed. The water meter must be installed in the surrounding environment, and it is convenient for disassembly and maintenance. It is recommended to install it in a special water meter box. Valves must be installed before and after the water meter.

24-hour service hotline:

+86 134-2921-7679