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Rotor single-flow signal water meter
Basic information
Model Nominal diameter Product name Sales code
LXSG-13YD-25YD 13mm-25mm Rotor single-stream signal water meter SO119
This series of remote water meter impeller and calculator are displayed by a combination of magnetic drive word wheel and pointer, which has the advantages of convenient reading, long-term clarity, landlord, and long life. Send a signal without flowing 1 liter of water and wine.
Use reed switch or Hall element to send signal (note if Hall element sends signal, please specify when ordering).
Main technical parameters
Model Nominal/caliber Accuracy/Level Overload/flow Common/Traffic Boundary/Flow Minimum/Flow
mm m3/h
LXSG-13YD 13 A 3 1.5 0.15 0.06
B 0.12 0.03
LXSG-20YD 20 A 5 2.5 0.25 0.10
B 0.20 0.05
LXSG-25YD 25 A 7 3.5   0.14
B   0.70
Installation requirements
The water meter must be installed horizontally, so that the meter’s degree number faces upward, and the arrow direction is the same as the water flow direction.
The pipeline must be flushed before the water meter is installed.
The water meter must be installed in the surrounding dry environment for easy disassembly and maintenance. It is recommended to install it in a dedicated water meter box. Valves must be installed before and after the water meter.
Terms of use
Water temperature: cold water meter water temperature ≤40℃ (hot water≤90℃) and not lower than 0℃ Pressure: ≤1Mpa
Maximum allowable error
In the lowest area from including the minimum flow rate (qmin) to excluding the decomposition flow rate (qt) is ±5%
In the range from including the decomposition flow rate (qt) to including the overload flow rate (qs), the highest Area is ±3%
Sending connection
Type/Color Red (brown) Blue Black (yellow)
2 lines   Send a message Send a message
3-wire dry reed pipe dual-transmitting Send a message Send a message Public end
3-wire dry reed switch anti-theft type Send a message Anti-theft Public end
Hall type Power supply Signal Land
Signal type
Reed switch or Hall element signal transmission (note if Hall element signal transmission is required when ordering)
Dimensions and weight
Model Caliber Long L Width B High H Connecting thread Weight Kg
LXSG-13YD 15 110 75 80 G3/4B 0.61
LXSG-20YD 20 130 75 90 G1B 0.77
LXSG-25YD 25 160 75 90 G5/4B 0.94
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