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Six tricks to teach you to recognize refurbished valves

Nowadays, the valve market is full of fish and dragons. Unscrupulous traders have made huge profits by counterfeiting and refurbishing valves, which has caused great safety hazards for installation projects. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce to you the inspection of refurbished valves. At present, the main ways of valve falsification in the distributors of the valve market are as follows:

1. The valves made of iron and carbon steel and the repair of waste valves are inferior.

2. Put the valve products of small local factories on the registered trademarks of the big brand manufacturers, so as to be authentic.

3. Users, distributors, and agents who fake famous big factories sell dog meat by hanging sheep's heads.

4. Make steel stamps and turn ordinary-grade valves into D-grade valves to make huge profits.

Valve renovation is extremely harmful, not only disturbing the market order, but also causing great potential hidden dangers to the construction quality, which is extremely harmful to the society. We only know that its counterfeiting is not enough. We must keep our eyes open. Even a cunning fox can't fight a good hunter. The following editor will tell you how to identify the refurbished valve.

1. Look at the color, the color of the refurbished valve is very different from the genuine product. These low-cost materials are mostly white in appearance, which is quite different from the greenish color of the valve steel.

2. Looking at the steel seal, the authentic valve seal is pressed before the valve has been heat-treated, using professional steel seal technology, so the font is clear. The font of the refurbished valve is uneven and confused.

3. Look at the oil stains. In order to achieve the purpose of anti-rust, the fake refurbished valve will add a thick oil stain on the surface of the valve, which will reduce the smoothness of the valve body itself.

4. Looking at the caliber, the caliber is greater than or equal to DN80, and the valve of too small size cannot be used.

5. Looking at the gate, the refurbished valve gate generally has polished traces and rust.

6. Remove the upper nut and the identification plate of the valve stem. Look at the material of the lock nut. The genuine material is brass, otherwise it is a fake product.

Hope to provide some help to friends engaged in engineering installation and procurement, and jointly resist the renovation of counterfeit valves to ensure safe and effective construction quality.

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